Step 2: Make it Useful [active]

Build an usable system and discover if the community fund this development.


  • Improve the ranking algorithm.
  • Recurrently index 100 million pages.
  • Speed up the search and display of results.

Reaction of Community

  • Do the users find it useful?
  • Do the community fund by sponsorships this development?


Step 1: Verify the Concept [closed]

Build an online search engine entirely on cloud services, open source and know the reception by the community.


  • Build an online search engine entirely on cloud services.
  • Develop all the subsystems: spider, database, ranking algorithm and server.
  • Give the users the analysis.

Reaction of Community

  • Do the users like an open source, ad-free search engine?
  • Will the community get involved in a development of Trokam?


  • Technical objectives were fulfilled, a service is running in based on these requirements.
  • People enjoyed using the protoype. The feature that most people liked was that Trokam does not have any advertisement. Second feature was that they have access to the analysis and it is build on free software.
  • An extensive discussion in Slashdot revealed that Trokam address latent needs of the communtiy.
  • Users found a limitation the time the system takes to display the results (the system is slow) and the few pages indexed (just a few thousands).


Autocomplete Search Box Would be practical that the search box suggest some terms and phrases once you enter a few characters.

Image Search Search for images in web pages.

Map Search Search for cities, streets and places in maps.

Command Line Search A command to make searches in the text console and got the results in plain text, json format or xml format.

Translation into Different Languages The interface and this informative pages should be available in Spanish, Russian, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hindi, Japanese, etc.