Help to Improve Trokam

There several ways you could help to improve Trokam.

Trokam runs on GNU/Linux, is programmed in C++ and relies on PostgreSQL to store the data.

You could browse all the code upon which Trokam is build, because it is Free Software released as GPLv2 or GPLv3.

Are you experienced on GNU/Linux, C++ programming, postgreSQL? Would you like to contribute? Get in contact!

Hopefully, Trokam would be useful to everyone on our planet.

For that purpose we need to translate Trokam web site to every language nowadays in-use.

Check the current translations, get in contact and you might became one of the translators.

Trokam would be benefited from new ideas and user's feedback.

Would you like that Trokam have a new feature? Happy to know about it!